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Signet Rings

Introducing our exclusive Collection of Signet Rings: Where Timeless Craftsmanship Meets Personalized Elegance.

At Rithm, we believe that jewellery should not only be a reflection of style but also a meaningful expression of personal identity and heritage. That's why we are thrilled to offer a distinguished collection of handcrafted signet rings that can be personalized with engravings such as family crests and sacred symbols.

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The PatronThe Patron
The Patron Sale priceR 8,500.00
The Kinetic
The Kinetic Sale priceFrom R 8,850.00
The Knights ShieldThe Knights Shield
The Knights Shield Sale priceR 3,650.00
The MetatronThe Metatron
The Metatron Sale priceR 3,000.00
The Constantine
The Constantine Sale priceR 5,000.00
The IronCladThe IronClad
The IronClad Sale priceR 3,250.00
The Otto
The Otto Sale priceR 5,000.00
The Open SkyThe Open Sky
The Open Sky Sale priceR 3,250.00
Flower Of LifeFlower Of Life
Flower Of Life Sale priceR 3,200.00
The Ferdinand
The Ferdinand Sale priceR 5,000.00
The ValorThe Valor
The Valor Sale priceR 3,250.00
The Gustav
The Gustav Sale priceR 5,000.00
The IvanThe Ivan
The Ivan Sale priceR 5,000.00
The Hollow Circle
The Hollow Circle Sale priceR 2,850.00
The Hollow SquareThe Hollow Square
The Hollow Square Sale priceR 2,850.00
The Hollow Square ClassicThe Hollow Square Classic
The Hollow Square Classic Sale priceR 2,850.00
The Hollow TriangleThe Hollow Triangle
The Hollow Triangle Sale priceR 2,850.00
The Jolly Dodger
The Jolly Dodger Sale priceR 2,850.00
The Jolly RogerThe Jolly Roger
The Jolly Roger Sale priceR 3,250.00
The Rattlebone
The Rattlebone Sale priceR 2,750.00

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