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The Triangle Split

Sale priceR 3,650.00

Introducing "The Triangle Split" – a sterling silver wrist cuff meticulously crafted for those who carry a spirit of adventure within them. As the wearer, you're not just choosing a unique piece of jewellery; you're choosing a companion for your journey, an emblem of your strength, and a testament to your individuality.

Each handcrafted cuff represents the coming together of two distinct parts, harmoniously connected at the sides, yet uniquely split in the middle, mirroring the dynamic spectrum of your life. The split is not a division but an emblem of your resilience, a celebration of the multi-faceted warrior you are.

At the core of the split, we've embedded a captivating brass triangle. The triangle, a potent symbol of progress and positive change, echoes your strength and adaptability. The warm allure of brass against the cool sterling silver creates an enchanting contrast, embodying the harmonious contradictions that define you.

Our artisans have carefully hammered and oxidised the surface of "The Triangle Split" to achieve a beautifully textured finish. The intricate pattern, reminiscent of life's manifold experiences, contributes depth and character to the cuff. Just like the unique journey of each wearer, no two cuffs are entirely alike.

Choosing "The Triangle Split" is choosing to invest in a tangible symbol of your journey. As this sterling silver cuff graces your wrist, let it echo your resilience, amplify your distinctive spirit, and serve as a constant reminder of your growth and adaptability. Embrace "The Triangle Split" as an emblem of your evolution and let it illuminate the extraordinary journey that lies ahead of you.




The Triangle Split
The Triangle Split Sale priceR 3,650.00

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