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The combination of soft materials, like wood and abalone shells, along with strong metals like tungsten carbide, creates something as beautiful as it is strong. We want your ring to last a lifetime. We use a combination of materials found naturally across the world. Every piece of material we use has a rich history, which gives our rings their charm. 



Tungsten carbide is known for its robustness; it is stronger than steel and has the highest melting point of all the known elements. It is used in military applications, radiation shielding, and jewelry. Its toughness makes it difficult to work with, but it is worth it to create something durable that will be able to keep up with the trials of everyday life.


Damascus steel is made by slowly heating, twisting, and folding layers of different metals to create vivid patterns. The wave-like design makes this material as beautiful as it is strong. This metalwork technique was first used in modern-day India to make swords. The quality of these weapons was unparalleled, and they were traded across the world. Ancient techniques were lost, and it is difficult to imagine how such an advanced material was being created as far back as 900AD. However, modern techniques are similar and create pieces of art that are just as beautiful.


Wooden rings are crafted using materials from deep within forests, each having a unique legacy. We never cut down trees to source our wood. The majority comes from repurposed whiskey barrels or parts of old buildings, such as the flooring and staircases.


We source a lot of our wood from whiskey barrels, once used to age whiskey, they look stunning in jewelry. Whiskey barrels are usually made from American White Oak. These trees can live for over 450 years and reach an impressive size. The wood has a closed cellular structure, which is water-resistant and durable. Although they are called white oak, the wood is a rich golden color with charred black lines. This is because barrels are fire-roasted, creating an incredible pattern that is sort after by artists as well as furniture and jewelry makers.


Ironwood is a term used for high-density hardwoods. We find the toughest and most attractive pieces of wood that we can for our rings.


We love using beautiful woods for the inlays of our rings. However, sometimes we also want to offer a bit of color. Here is a list of the other natural and environmentally friendly sourced materials we use.


Abalone shell comes from the exoskeleton of a sea creature similar to an oyster. Native Americans have long harvested it for its beauty, as well as its protective and healing properties. Abalone naturally comes in a range of bright greens and blues and is spectacularly reflective in natural light due to the complex layers inside the material. With every abalone ring, we make a donation to an ocean clean-up foundation and a turtle rescue movement.


Male deer naturally shed their antlers every year. These twisting and impressive structures create a grey material that looks amazing against the colors of wood and other natural substances that we use for our rings. A material that was used to attract a mate and warn others of their power holds a special energy. Perfect for someone who wants to feel close to nature but also wants to wear something as powerful as it is beautiful.


Turquoise has been treasured for thousands of years and was once more valuable than gold. It has been worn by the rich and powerful throughout history, including the accident Egypt and the Aztecs. This may be because of the rarity of blue in nature. It is said to have purification properties, dispelling negative energy, and protecting people from pollutants.