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Introducing our best-selling range of handcrafted jewellery made from premium silver and goldRithm takes pride in creating unique and timeless pieces that are not only visually stunning but also expertly crafted to perfection. From simple and sophisticated designs to more intricate and detailed styles, our best-selling range has something for everyone. 

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The Silver Spinner
The Silver Spinner Sale priceR 3,850.00
Maya Sale priceR 2,600.00
The Crows NestThe Crows Nest
The Crows Nest Sale priceR 8,000.00
Chase Gun Ear CuffChase Gun Ear Cuff
Chase Gun Ear Cuff Sale priceR 525.00
The Hollow SquareThe Hollow Square
The Hollow Square Sale priceR 2,850.00
The WhizzThe Whizz
The Whizz Sale priceR 3,650.00
The Otto
The Otto Sale priceR 5,000.00
The KeystoneThe Keystone
The Keystone Sale priceR 2,850.00
The Silver SplitThe Silver Split
The Silver Split Sale priceR 2,850.00
Circle NecklaceCircle Necklace
Circle Necklace Sale priceR 1,250.00
The Duration CuffThe Duration Cuff
The Duration Cuff Sale priceR 3,650.00
Scorched EarthScorched Earth
Scorched Earth Sale priceR 2,800.00
The BanditThe Bandit
The Bandit Sale priceR 3,850.00
The IvanThe Ivan
The Ivan Sale priceR 5,000.00
The ElixrThe Elixr
The Elixr Sale priceR 6,800.00
The MetatronThe Metatron
The Metatron Sale priceR 3,000.00
The Gold TideThe Gold Tide
The Gold Tide Sale priceR 3,995.00
The Gold SpinnerThe Gold Spinner
The Gold Spinner Sale priceR 7,650.00
Chanty Ear CuffChanty Ear Cuff
Chanty Ear Cuff Sale priceR 525.00
The Hammered SplitThe Hammered Split
The Hammered Split Sale priceR 3,650.00
Flower Of LifeFlower Of Life
Flower Of Life Sale priceR 3,200.00
The Constantine
The Constantine Sale priceR 5,000.00
The MaverickThe Maverick
The Maverick Sale priceR 7,800.00
Two DogsTwo Dogs
Two Dogs Sale priceR 2,850.00
The Ferdinand
The Ferdinand Sale priceR 5,000.00
The Gustav
The Gustav Sale priceR 5,000.00
Taylor Sale priceR 1,100.00
The ZenithThe Zenith
The Zenith Sale priceR 8,750.00
The BuccaneerThe Buccaneer
The Buccaneer Sale priceR 7,800.00
The Hollow Square ClassicThe Hollow Square Classic
The Hollow Square Classic Sale priceR 2,850.00
The KodaThe Koda
The Koda Sale priceFrom R 1,850.00
Delta Sale priceR 2,600.00
The ValorThe Valor
The Valor Sale priceR 3,250.00
The Open SkyThe Open Sky
The Open Sky Sale priceR 3,250.00
The Knights ShieldThe Knights Shield
The Knights Shield Sale priceR 3,650.00
The IronCladThe IronClad
The IronClad Sale priceR 3,250.00
The Kinetic
The Kinetic Sale priceFrom R 8,850.00

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